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Milano Saxophone Quartet


La mirabolante avventura della storia della musica

Music – theater show with:

  • Giorgia Antonelli –  actress
  • Milano Saxophone Quartet
  • Dramaturgy – Giorgia Antonelli e Titino Carrara
  • Director – Titino Carrara
  • Composer – Giovanni Bonato


“ORGAN project”

The project is focused on a repertoire dedicated to the unusual ensemble of the saxophone quartet and the organ. It has a diverse programme of contemporary works which present different concepts: a travel through different styles and different composers with two instruments which are chronologically very distant and have two different paths of development in the history of music.



  • Enjott Schneider  ”Crucifixus” 
  • William Albright  ”Valley of Fire”
  • Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa/ Salvatore Sciarrino  “2 Madrigali”
  • Gerard Beljon  “Didgeridoo”
  • Barbara Thompson  ”4 Mirages”


“M’ILLUMINO D’IMMENSO project” – Antonella Ruggiero & MSQ

A sophisticated and divine singer of melodies which reflect her unique and unrepeatable voice: Antonella Ruggiero, one of the most important and famous Italian singers is the guest star of the “Mai Soli” project.

Already at the beginning, the collaboration found a successful response from the audience. The repertoire consists of the singer’s greatest and of other unreleased works.

The selection of the repertoire, which varies from rock to classical music and the incredible variety of colours and styles define the base concept of the project. The original arrangement uses and valorises the sonority of the quartet. Additionally, the mix of the quartet and the voice is sometimes enriched by percussion instruments.

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“Dulce et Decorum Est” describes a poison gas attack during World War I. Composer Maarten De Splenter grew up in Ypres (Belgium), the center of intense and sustained battles between German and Allied forces. Ypres was also the first place in the worldwhich experienced the horrible consequences of chemical weapons.”Dulce et Decorum Est” will be part of a large symphonic tribute to Ypres (composed by De Splenter) on the occasion of the 100th World War I anniversary.      (M. de Splenter)

Download Dossier MSQ – english


  • Bernd Franke “On the dignity of man”
  • Giya Kancheli “Amao omi”
  • Maarten De Splenter “Dulce et decorum est”